The Top 5 Best Comedy Movies 2015

Comedy is the one genre that everyone
likes. After all, in today’s world full of problems, if a couple hours in the
theater can help you forget everything and make you laugh like crazy, then what
can be better? This is exactly what a few movies managed to achieve in the year
2015. Though this was a tough year for comedy as far as quantity is concerned, nonetheless
some greatness was there and we shall get to learn about exactly the same. So,
without wait here is the list of the 5 best comedy movies 2015.

  1. Spy

Best Comedy Movies 2015 Spy

In this movie, writer/director Paul Feig
again teams with Melissa McCarthy to offer you yet another astounding best comedy movies  2015
movie wherein a woman plays the lead role. Melissa portrays the role of a
desk-bound CIA agent who has to try and stop the black-market suitcase nuke
sale and thus has to do the job of a field agent. This is a perfect combination
of comedy and action, something which many movies attempt to offer, but mostly
fail. Melissa and Paul look great together and the movie successfully offers
exactly what it aimed to provide.

  1. The Night Before

 Best Comedy Movies 2015 The Night Before

In this age, it is not easy to create a
Christmas classic. Most Christmas classics that you may be aware of belong to
those days when your parents were growing up. However, with The Night Before, Anthony
Mackie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Seth Rogen have managed to create their very
own Christmas classic. This is one of the most popular comedy films 2015 and is
about three friends who meet on Christmas Eve every year and have a fun night together.
The film shows the last Christmas Eve that they will spend together as they are
growing older and have many responsibilities. What then happens is surely something
you are thoroughly going to enjoy watching.

  1. Vacation

Best Comedy Movies 2015 Vacation


Vacation is the reboot/sequel of the series
that you surely must have seen. To tickle your funny bones again, the Griswold
family is back, but now the son from the earlier movies, Ed Helms, plays the
role of a father and wants to take his kids to the Wally World, just the way he
did in his younger days. The family encounters a lot during the trip, and you
will also get to see some other members of the Griswold gang that you so long
must have missed.

  1. The Overnight

Best Comedy Movies 2015 The Overnight


This hilarious comedy movie 2015 stars
Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling, and Adam Scott. Emily and Alex are new to
Los Angeles and when one eccentric couple invites them home for a playdate with
their kids, they feel they have found new friends. Once the kids pass out, the
story gets more and more interesting and funny with lots of pot and booze, and
plenty of laughter for you.

  1. Grandma

Best Comedy Movies 2015 Grandma

After 27 years, Lily Tomlins surprises us
with the role that she portrays of a lesbian poet who is trying to cope with
the demise of her partner. It is then that her 18-year-old granddaughter breaks
the news of her pregnancy and wants money for abortion. The movie is all about
their road trip and what they do to acquire money, as both of them are broke.


These are the 5 best comedy movies 2015.
Though the year did not have too many amazing choices to offer in this genre,
yet a few certainly did manage to win the love and also the laughter of the audience.

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