Top 3 Funny Movies 2017 That Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

 Comedy is amongst the most preferred movie genres that has attracted individuals of all ages over the years. In fact, many funny movies have been released in the recent past, and in the following paragraphs we are going to mention some popular funny movies 2017.

funny movies 2017 The Batman Lego Movie

1. The Batman Lego Movie:

This particular feature film has thrilled the hearts of not only the kids but also the adults as well. Honestly speaking, the huge success of this movie has shocked quite a few movie enthusiasts across the globe. This Lego version is, in fact, much more expressive as compared to the original Batman movie. We must praise the Batman franchise for granting the permission to make a parody. Also, their decision cannot be questioned after the huge success received by the film. The humorous dialogues and actions present in this movie will not allow anyone to feel bored while watching it.
funny movies 2017 Fist Fight

2. Fist Fight:

Although the name might not seem to be funny, it will be difficult to control your laughter during the entire film. The name of Ice Cube must be familiar to anyone who likes to watch funny movies. In fact, this actor has the distinction of acting in some funny and challenging roles in many comedy movies such as “21 Jump Street” and “Ride Along”. He is also played a similar role in Fist Fight. Here he is seen in the role of a school teacher who has been treated badly by his colleague, Andy Campbell. This misbehavior has prompted Ice Cube to challenge his colleague to a fist fight which is the main attraction in this funny feature film. Apart from Ice Cube, the other actors in this movie are Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, and Christina Hendricks. However, the actions of Cube alone are enough to evoke laughter when watching Fist Fight.
funny movies 2017 Girls Trip

3. Girls Trip:

Regina Hall stars in this humorous movie which is all about friendship along with lots of funny dialogues and actions from the very beginning. Regina, who plays the role of an author, is desperately missing the company of her friends in spite of having a promising career as well as a caring hubby. She arranged for an all-girls trip with her group of buddies while she had been in New Orleans, and things started to become really crazy since then. They had to confront with many obstacles during the trip; however, they successfully overcame all challenges mainly because of their strong relationship with one another, and the movie eventually ends on a happy note. One can also consider Girls Trip to be an adult movie because of the presence of several adults as well as violent scenes.


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