winning performance Donna Cariaga’s in the funny One 2 Grand Finals

What did you do the time when your boyfriend left you for another woman? You cried, you got angry, you got mad or you just lost hope over relationships overall? Or did you plan a revenge, like the ones people do in intense Hollywood drama?
funny videos Donna Cariaga's Winning Performance
Have you ever thought of turning this experience, which is sad, unfortunate, humiliating and depressing into something that gains you more confidence, fame, and 1 million pesos? Well, Donna Cariaga did! She brought her experience
of being cheated on by her boyfriend on the stage of ABS-CBN’s hit show, Funny One, and won the price with million hearts! Now that is how we should serve revenge from now on!
This year the show, Funny One, was in its second season. Among all the participants with extraordinary talent, Donna Cariaga, a native of Baguio, grabbed the attention of both the judges and the audience with her unique skits,
mostly about the relationship she had ended with her ex-boyfriend. Her mind-blowing mixture of humor with emotion, and even teary soliloquies during her skits accompanied by her flexible physical moves made her a complete package. She had her own way of presentation, story-telling, and performance, which made everyone love her from the get-go.
All her performances are a proof of her handwork and dedication to the platform she received. Many of her performances throughout the season also seemed to be
an attempt to get rid of the agony she had faced due to the way her relationship had ended. Instead of losing interest in doing anything due to that trauma, she decided to use it as a content for her success. That attitude tells a lot about her as a person and a performer.
For her grand finale performance on the show, she did not deviate much from her original path. She wore a mustard hoodie with black pants- a look that resonates her every-other-girl vibe. In a setting of a living room, she was seen
delivering the emotion-packed dialogues. This solo act was based on her character (which is herself) to talk to herself and to convince herself to finally break things off with a boyfriend who had hurt her. The final act was perhaps her final closure to the actual incident as well.

It is amazing how she had planned her skits for it to be the final one! Her amazing comic timing, emotional expressions, and unsuspecting physical gestures were enough to drive the audience crazy! Though the skit had ample
comedic element, it was the humor coated emotions for self-redemption that bind it all together. No wonder she was declared the champion and winner of 1 million pesos. She had earned it with her hard work and determination.
While Donna Cariaga received all the accolades for being the winner, the first runner-up, Anthony Andres, and the second runner-up James Caraan also performed their bests. After being announced the winner, Donna had things to
say to her ex-boyfriend, who she definitely will not be thinking about with that money and the upcoming deals for her performances! If anything, she should thank him for cheating on her, and allowing her to gather the strength and contents for such a success!