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Top Viral Videos of the Year 2017

This year, a few clasps got everybody snickering, crying or talking. Investigate probably the most viral videos of 2017.



The adorable infant hippo conceived untimely at the Cincinnati Zoo turns one on January 24. Fiona wowed web-based social networking this year and has been the subject of a few books.

Implosion photograph bombarded

Poor planning demolished this fastidiously set-up camera shot of the Georgia Dome implosion, and the subsequent video became famous online.

BBC talk with interference

As Professor Robert Kelly was being met live on The BBC, a couple of startling visitors jumped in and caused a noteworthy diversion.

Sun-powered overshadowing

The main aggregate sun oriented obscuration to cross the U.S. in a century purchased millions together in what some could just portray as a primal ordeal.

The man dragged from the flight.

Video of cops dragging a traveler from an overbooked United Airlines flight started a hubbub view web-based networking media in April.

Kid inquires as to why individuals spook.

A Tennessee lady’s video of her sorrowful child, Keaton, describing being harassed at school provoked a rush of help from competitors and performers.

Oscars oh no

The 89th Academy Awards finished with a stun: the wrong motion picture was delegated Best Picture. The fantasy world was quickly given the respect before somebody saw it was an oversight and Moonlight was the legitimate champ of the honor.

Gorilla Flashdance

A gorilla named Zola turned into a viral sensation for his staggering move moves in a kiddie pool at the Dallas Zoo.

McDonald’s battle

An observer at a McDonald’s eatery drive-through in Iowa caught a frightful fight on video demonstrating a lady is evidently striking a worker. The battle started when the client wasn’t getting her McChicken sandwiches rapidly enough, police said.

Louisiana man in adoration with snow

On the uncommon event it snows in Louisiana, it’s a reason for festivity. One video, posted by Da’Quan Bellard, represents all that festival in 54 seconds of unadulterated comicalness and delight.

This year, a few clasps got everybody snickering, crying or talking. Investigate probably the most viral videos of 2017.

Advantages of viral videos

These viral videos can be the beginning of a new brand image for you, your book or your corporation, or these videos could be the key to rebuilding your brand.

Below, we show three advantages of viral videos to highlight the importance and value that your brand can have with this strategy.

1.Serious message shared with humor

Add humor to the message of a brand or a specific product will probably attract more attention from viewers than a black and white video that sells strictly vignettes. Think of what catches your attention while surfing the Internet, are the colors, the words, the images the voices or the music? It could be a mixture of these things that attract your attention, but ultimately it is the humor and relationships that keep your eyes glued to that screen and, more importantly, that message or product.


The cost of viral videos is very low, most are charged at no cost. While online videos are broadcast for free or at low cost, viral videos loaded as TV commercials can also be considered. However, take into account the volume of investment that is allocated to the central schedule, the networks and specific events that are broadcast on television, and the costs that increase at this time.

If you have a tight budget, start your viral video campaign online. Transmit from social networking sites or upload to other video sites like Metacafe. This special video site connects your brand with specific audiences by placing your video on your viral engine. With its well-known selection of videos and categories, the views of your video will probably reach a wider audience and more specifically to your target audience.

3. entertaining

Entertaining your audience is key when it attracts your attention long enough to absorb your image or message, recently retaining your brand in their minds. So, whether your entertainment includes setting goals for your target market, creating contests or challenges, your audience is looking to be impressed with the enjoyment.