whate is the best funny video Sources site

Laughter has been referred in many occasions as an antidote to a bad mood. Acommon traditional phrase puts it this way, �laughter is the best medicine’. Well, it is true.
Good humor is an extreme cure to a bad mood or any discomfort caused bywhatsoever reasons.
Many therapists have recommended humor as a

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medication to their patients. It sounds ridiculous but it is a tested and proven therapeutic medication.
There are some scientific evidence that support laughter as a therapeutic.
Therefore, it is important to find laughter in everything. However, there are other ways of finding humor such as through funny videos. There are many circulating clips that have the ability to change your mood from somber to exciting.

With the buzzing internet advances, funny videos are found are found everywhere. People have learnt to use laughter and humor to put across ideas and messages. This has made many people come up with different clips hence the massive videos in the internet. Some of the sources of funny clips include the following;

●You tube


This is one of the major platform that people use to share their funny clips. This makes it the main source of funny clips. It is easy to work with you tube and anyone can access it.


It is the most used social media platform to spread funny videos. There are many Facebook users and this platform has expanded in years. Therefore, there are a lot of funny video clips that have been posted and makes it a great source of funny videos.


This new application has expanded the spread of funny videos. It has also gained popularity since its creation.

●Onion news network

This is a cable news platform that not only shares news, but also funny clips. Laughter can be found everywhere. Therefore, basing on this, you can be able to make funny videos of any environment yourself. This could also in an office setting and this network has incorporated that.


These platform has been a great source of funny videos. It has a lot of jokes, pictures and videos that marries great humor.
How to find funny clips 
It can be frustrating at times to browse  through the internet and not be able to find any good video clips. There are some tips however that will help you find the video clips easily. These clips will not only help you find the funny videos but will also help you find the dates they were created and comments.

●Facebook viral post finder

This application can be installed on a windows platform. It allows you get video clips using popular Facebook keywords.
Facebook is a large platform with many users. This makes manual search for funny clips exhaustive.
With this application, however, you are able to get funny clips at a click. There are options to download the videos in this application.
Great laughter is not only good for a bad mood but also for your health. Online platforms have a lot of funny content. Therefore, in your low moments, with just a click on the funniest humorous videos, you can hit your high again.