Want to see the funniest videos for your kids? Just watch!

Want to see the funniest videos for your kids? Just watch!

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I was looking for the best cat videos around when I finally hit the jackpot!

What kind of videos are the ones you enjoy most? Do you even watch TV anymore? I have to say that ever since YouTube got better, I’ve been getting all my entertainment from there. And who can blame me, you can get everything from the news, social media feeds, comments, and funny videos. There are many categories of funny videos to choose from, but where to start?

I enjoy watching dog videos. I’ve been a dog lover all my life and have had over one dozen dogs in that time. Very few animals compare to the antics and moments of laughter that you’re going to get with one of these rascals. Have you seen the ones where they are feeding the dogs? I remember this one that I saw, it featured a Rottweiler, a hoodie, a guy and a bowl of spaghetti.

It all starts out with this guy who put his hoodie on his dogs. Instead of putting the dog’s legs through the sleeves, he put his own arms. So, it would look as if the dog had arms like a man. Then, they put a big bowl of spaghetti in front of the dog. You could see how the dog’s face changes once they put the bowl of spaghetti in front of him. His mouth or muzzle starts to water.

Then the man takes the fork and starts digging into the bowl of spaghetti. He feeds the dog and then wipes his mouth every few bites. The dog is desperately eating and almost eats the napkin during the wipes. The man continues to feed the dog and finishes the plate. In the end, the man’s hoodie, table, and floor end up stained in spaghetti sauce!

But, are dogs the only ones capable of these funny antics? What about cats? I started searching for some funny cat videos and got lucky very fast. I found some owners playing pranks on their cats using cucumbers. How did they do it? They have their cats sit down for what looks to be a quiet afternoon lunch. They serve the cats their usual favorite to get them as comfortable as possible. Then, right about when they’re almost done, they will place a cucumber behind the cat without the cat knowing it’s there. The cat finishes his food and then, looks around him. The minute he sees the cucumber, he is startled by what he sees, and very often jumps very high to avoid it.

This happens time after time. The owners place the cucumber behind the cat, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small cat, they all tend to jump. I only saw one of the cats who after jumping, decided to inspect the strange object. They probably thought it was some sort of animal or snake, but this particular cat sniffed the cucumber a little and then, even took a little bite. The funny thing is that he actually loved the taste! So, he started eating the intruder and left a portion of it for dinner.

This next video features cats as well, but it’s only the best of the best. Sit down and get ready for the funniest, most hilarious compilation of cat fails of 2017. You’ll be laughing with your friends all day long. But remember not to be selfish, and share the fun with your family and friends!

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