Top 10 Funny Movies 2016 To Watch

Sometimes, after a stressful of rather a dull day, one is just in need of a good laugh! This list here will help you to do just that- laugh! This list contains a list of some of the funniest movies  2016 that will not only get you laughing your head off but will also cause tears of

joy streaming down your face from the laughter! Let’s jump right into it!


Funny Movies of 2016 Deadpool

  1. Deadpool

At the top of the list has to be �Deadpool �the movie! Although this blockbuster is R-rated, the movie is full of morbid humor
that will keep you laughing all the way. Acted by Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, he undergoes an illegal experiment that sees him gain superpowers that allow him to heal at an alarmingly fast rate. However, the experiment leaves him permanently disfigured and almost kills him. He sets out in revenge in pursuit of the one responsible for his plight.


Funny Movies of 2016 Moana

  1. Moana


This movie is set out in the ancient mystical land of Polynesia. Actor Dwayne Johnson playing the role of Maui, a demigod, brings
a terrible curse upon the land. Moana, the chief’s daughter then bears the responsibility to seek out Maui and rid the Island of the curse. The relationship of the two is full of satirical humor and will keep you laughing all the way.


Funny Movies of 2016 Finding Dory

  1. Finding Dory


It’s a sequel to �Finding Nemo’ the movie, and this sequel proved to be one of the funniest movies of 2016. The main favorite characters such as Nemo and others make an appearance once again with more humor and help the lost Dory to find her family.


Funny Movies of 2016 The Secret Life of Pets

  1. The Secret Life of Pets


This funny movie is set on the plot of happy pets versus abandoned, unwanted pets. The movie sets out with Max, a happy, loved
pet dog whose happy life gets interrupted when his owner decides to get another pet dog called Duke. Their relationship which starts off hostile is turned into a teamwork when they learn of a plot by an evil rabbit named Snowball to bring chaos into the lives of pet owners and their happy pets.

Funny Movies of 2016 The Angry Birds Movie

  1. The Angry Birds Movie


This hilarious movie is set off from the famous mobile game of Angry Birds. Just like in the game, the birds are living happily
on an island of their own, but they are threatened by pigs who want to steal all their eggs. Three outcast birds set out to be the unlikely heroes as they rally their fellow birds to rescue their island from the pigs’ terror.


Funny Movies 2016 Central Intelligence

  1. Central Intelligence


During a high school reunion, Dwayne Johnson, playing the role of a CIA agent enrolls his former high school mate Kevin Hart,
who now leads the life of a normal accountant, for a top-secret mission. Hart finds himself all of a sudden in a world full of guns, treachery, and espionage that places their lives on the line.


Funny Movies of 2016 The Nice Guys

  1. The Nice Guys

This funny movie  2016acted by Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe will keep you laughing on the edge of your seat due to its hilarious
buddy humor. The two, who are private eyes, are involved in an investigation to solve two unrelated cases which lead them to unearth a deep conspiracy. The movie is set out in the 1970s.


Funny Movies of 2016 Ghostbusters

  1. Ghostbusters

This funny movie, based on the paranormal is set out In Manhattan where ghosts invade the world, and it’s up to this all-female cast
to save the world from the impending danger.

Funny Movies of 2016 Sausage Party

  1. Sausage Party


This hilarious animated movie is based on a sausage which tries to find out the truth about how it came to be. The movie is full of satirical humor that targets real life events.


Funny Movies of 2016 La La Land

  1. La La Land

This movie is acted by Ryan Goslin, a pianist and Emma Stone an upcoming actress in the city of Los Angeles. The two falls in love with each other but as time goes by the pressure brought about by the success of their respective careers turns this fantastic movie into a comedy that sets their love hanging on the line.