Best Pet Funny Videos of the Year 2017 you will love it

The year 2017 is full of challenges. But if there is one thing that made life bearable last year, it is pet videos.

There are millions of pet videos out there.

Watching all of them will probably take you way pass 2018.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go through all of last year’s pet videos to find the best and the funniest. Here, we have distilled for you the best pet funny videos of the year 2017.

Best Pet Funny Videos of the Year 2017 you will love it

Kitten licking a baby’s head

Kittens and babies are already cute and funny on their own. But when you put the two together on a video, you surely have the recipe of something that will surely go viral.

This is why this video of a kitten licking a baby’s head is one of the best pet funny videos of the year 2017.

The two look adorable. And look at that smile on the baby’s face. This is a very effective mood booster after a stressful day.

Kitten falling asleep (literally)

We all know that cats sleep most of the day. But even when they are supposedly awake sometimes, they still fall asleep.

When some kittens fall asleep though they really fall. And when caught on camera, it makes for one hell of a funny video.

Guinea pigs eating

Have you ever seen a guinea pig eat…well, anything? It’s one of the funniest thing that you will ever see for sure.

There’s something about how they hold their food with their tiny paws and how they munch with their little mouths and teeth that will make ROTFL.

Raccoon learns to Netflix and chill

Raccoons are probably not the most ideal pets to have. After all, they are wild animals who are more used to roaming around the woods than hanging out in the living room.

When properly domesticated though, they can be the most amusing pets. Just look at this raccoon who has recently learned how to Netflix and chill.

Just a dog hanging around

You’ve heard of countless stories of cats getting trapped on top of trees.

But have you seen a dog hanging on a tree by its teeth? It’s not everyday that you see such a thing.

And this is why this is one of the best pet funny videos of the year 2017.

Puppy belly tickle

Puppies can be quite ticklish, especially when you touch them on the belly area. They have a tendency to lose their minds when they get touched and tickled on their tummies.

Just look at the face on this cute one.

It looks like he is having the time of this life. And who could resist that fat belly? Watching this video will surely make anyone’s day.

Elephant seal rolls down the hill

Elephant seals may not be considered as pets. But they can be the funniest animals on earth. They are also very smart.

Well, maybe not this one.

Just look at this elephant seal go. It looks like he is having fun though. And there’s nothing to worry about.

No elephant seals were harmed while making this video.

These are the best pet funny videos of the year 2017. Enjoy watching.