Best Comedy Movies in Netflix

Best Comedy Movies in Netflix

Are looking to change your mood and be the happiest ever? Have a look to our list of Best Comedy Movies in Netflix currently.

Netflix is so friendly it knows your desire and it knows you really want to laugh.

Heathers (1988)

best comedy movies on netflix Heathers (1988)

Heathers is one of the best comedy movies in Netflix. It is based on high school environment; it’s still the darkest teen comedies of 80s. In this movie there is bullies andguns.

In general term Heathers points out what is really wrong in high school.

In this movie Winoma completely proves herself to be the cool girl while
veronica who cares less puts efforts to destroy the clique. This movie still
remain relevant almost 30 years later now.

Don’t Think Twice

best comedy movies on netflix Don’t Think Twice

Don’t think twice is Best Comedy Movies in Netflix and also uncomfortable about limiting success.

Mike Birbiglia is the owner of this movie which is his second film as a comedian and filmmaker.

Apartfrom Mike it features other actors like Gillian Jacobs, Key, Chris, and other actors.

The Big Short (2015)


best comedy movies on netflix The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short Movie it is really casted based on situation there was financial crisis which was leading to many losing everything.

But Adam McKay focused to make seriou smaterial with through this film which witnesses the collapse of the people who saw it coming.

This film proved that comedies can still succeed in the modern competition.
It wined Oscar Screenplay, an unorthodox structure and a talented cast.

It’s the perfect kind of comedy which makes you to keep on turned on.

I Love You, Man

best comedy movies on netflix I Love You, Man

I love you man is centered of a more legimatly sweet, romancing movie.

The main characters in this movie are Zooey (Jones) and Peter (Rudd).

Zooey could not manage to marry a better man than peter who is extremely appealing in every respect but, except maintaining any male friendship ability.

Later Peter meets Sidney (segel) a rich mogul who came to consume free food and wealthiest divorcees but the guy opted to stay for peter.

In this situation Peter is forced to choose Zooey over Sydney.

Whereby it ended to their wedding featuring among others Samberg as a gay gym trainer who completely targets straight men.

Hot Fuzz

best comedy movies on netflix Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is a top film masquerading as a comedy in Edgar Wright’s “Three Flavors Cornetto”Trilogy.

It is very funny film arrive which exclusively satisfies.

In this film Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) plays as a London cop in which he
catches so good which forces the department to ship him to a peaceful village
in rural villages to avoid making the department look more pathetic.

Following series of suspicious accidents, angel definitely suspects there is murder
which is taking place within.

He applies his work skills to ensure he catches up the matter and makes the rivals to hold dialogue and be able to approve what was rising.

Young Frankenstein 

best comedy movies on netflix Young Frankenstein 

The Young Frankenstein is one of the funniest brooks film ever and one of the existing funnier films ever.

In this film Wilder stars as the titular Frankenstein which is naturally pronounced as Fronk-en-steen.

He does more exactly the same this his old scientist Grandfather did in order to avoid the sins his grandfather had did.