Best Comedy Movies Hollywood Given

Comedy movies are the in-thing. Many people only prefer funny movies as opposed to rom-com or suspense thrillers or horror movies. This is because funny movies leave you with a sense of relaxation, and often with your sides hurting. There are plenty of Hollywood movies made with the sole purpose of tickling your funny bone, and nothing else. They also leave you with a strong life-lesson and an important message at the end. The hilarious ride followed by a dramatic twist in the end is what comedy movies so likable. There are a few of the best comedy movies Hollywood has produced so far:

 best comedy movies hollywood Baby’s Day Out

  • Baby’s Day Out:

This story revolves around the kidnapping of a baby, and the kidnappers demanding ransom to free the child. The child, owing to his memories form his story book �Baby’s Day Out’ read by his nanny, goes about a day’s of adventures around the city with the kidnappers desperately trying to get of hold of the child. What opens is a series of hilarious incidents in a park, in a zoo, at a construction site, and on the streets, all because of the child’s wit, some coincidence and grave negligence of the part of the kidnapers despite being grown up men.

  • The Hangover:

     best comedy movies hollywood The Hangover

This story is about 4 guys who go off to celebrate the bachelor party of one if their friends. The next morning, they wake up to find that they were drugged with absolutely no memory of the night before. Also, one of their friends is missing, the same one whose bachelor party they had been enjoying. The series of events that follows is his friends trying to locate their lost friend with hints and clues of the happenings of the past day. This movie can easily pass off as one of the best comedy movies Hollywood has in its kit.

  • Bruce Almighty:

     best comedy movies hollywood Bruce Almighty

A guy, quite unhappy and discontent with the way the world works to control the wold. He prays to have power for a day to become God so that he can set everything straight, give the rightful their dues, and punish the guilty. He believes he can restore justice to the world if he is given a chance to do so. God answers his prayers and now this young man has the power of God. He enjoys it for a while and tries to run the world his way. He eventually realises that it is not as easy as he thought but not before causing hilarious and extremely funny disturbances in the world.

  • 17 Again:

     best comedy movies hollywood 17 Again

A common man, Mike O’Donnell is quite unhappy and ungrateful as far the current events of his life are concerned. Being good at heart, he tries to save a janitor by jumping after him near a bridge. Having done that, he unwillingly enters into a time-altering vortex which makes him young again. A series of events unfold after this which will take on a hilarious journey of how he tries to cope up with the surroundings now that he is 17 all over again. He has been given a chance to correct his mistakes and change his life for the better.


Though all of the above movies are made to make their audience laugh, they do much more than just that. They will even leave you with a strong life-changing message and a big influential lesson at the end. These best comedy movies Hollywood has been worth your while and every penny you spend on them.