4 Best Comedy Movies Bollywood Has Ever Produced

Bollywood is known to produce gems of movies every now and then. Many movies like PK, Hera Pheri and Bhool Bhulaiyya continue to remain favorites even after plenty of time has passed since their release. Below are mentioned the best comedy movies Bollywood has given us which have been known to garner attention and affection from their audience:

1. Munna Bhai MMBS:

 Best Comedy Movies Bollywood Munna Bhai MMBS

This movie has an amazing plot which tells the story of a young boy Munna who comes to the city to make a doctor, but ends up becoming a member of the thug party. When after 15 years he has his parents visiting, he is shocked since he has lied to them that he is already an MBBS doctor. The movie is then about him hiding the fact from his parents, his parents finding out and Munna really going onto pursue medicine to please them, all with his love story weaved in between. It is a hilarious ride which will leave your sides hurting.

2. 3 Idiots:

 Best Comedy Movies Bollywood 3 Idiots

Based on the Chetan Bhagat novel �5 Point Someone’, 3 Idiots mainly revolves around the outdated education system and its practices, and what consequences they have on their students. Rancho, a practical young man played by Mr. Perfectionist Amir Khan himself, challenges this traditional system while in his engineering college, and urges his friends to understand the subject instead of rote learning. The movie is funny, and the characters are designed very well. It is a movie whose message will remain with you for life.

3. Golmaal series:

 Best Comedy Movies Bollywood Golmaal series

Currently consisting of 4 movies, the Golmaal series has never failed to make us roll on the floor laughing. The movies speak about 4 friends and how they make their way through life. Each of the 4 movies has a different plotline but the names and qualities of the characters remain the same. Each character has its own funny bone-tickling qualities which makes them so unique. If you are looking for pure comedy, your search ends here. Though it is full of jokes and laughter, each of these movies also has a n emotionally soft side to it too. Golmaal will take you on a funny ride like no other Bollywood movie can.

4. Khosla ka Ghosla:

 Best Comedy Movies Bollywood Khosla ka Ghosla

The movies Khosla ka Ghosla is not entirely made up of jokes, but its comedy will surpass your expectations. Mr. Khosla, a man from a middle-class family decides to buy a plot of land with all his life savings. He ends up getting tricked and loses all his money to the fraudster who now illegally claims the land. The actual movie plot now unfolds when his sons and daughter decide to take back their land in the same way the fraudster took their land, by tricking them. The corrupt man is tricked, and they end up owning the plot, successfully. This has to be among the best comedy movies Bollywood has produced so far.


Though there are plenty of good and funny Bollywood movies, the above mentioned 5 remain the top in the bracket. They bring much more than laughter to the table. They bring with them an influencing message that will alter your way of looking at life. Humour combined with a little bit of thought-provoking questions is the ideal way a plot should be written, and the above mentioned best comedy movies Bollywood live up to that expectation.