best funny movies 2017 which you must watch

Comedy is one of the most favorite movie genres of all time. Fortunately for us, 2017 has been a great year for funny movie lovers so far. Here are some of the best funny movies 2017 which you must watch:


 funny movies 2017 Fist Fight


1. Fist Fight:

The name doesn’t sound like a funny movie but believes me, you will laugh your heart out while watching this gem of a movie. If you are a lover of funny movies, you must have definitely heard the name of Ice Cube. He has played the role of tough, funny guy in many comedy movies like ” Ride Along” and “21 Jump Street”. In this movie also, he has a similar role. He plays the role of a school teacher who has been unfairly fired because of his colleague Andy Campbell. Angered by his wrongful firing, he challenges Campbell to a fist fight after school. The entire movie is based on this. Ice Cube alone is enough to make the audiences laugh. But he has been brilliantly supported by the other actors like Jillian Bell, Tracy Morgan and Christina Hendricks.


 funny movies 2017 The Batman Lego Movie


2. The Batman Lego Movie:


If you think that this one is only for the kids, then you are highly mistaken. To be honest, everyone was slightly shocked at the huge success of the Lego Movie. This one also follows on the same lines. Its actually quite admirable that the Batman franchise has given the permission to make a parody. And going by the success of this movie, I don’t think they regret their decision. Unlike the original Batman, this Lego version Batman is extremely expressive. The movie is full of witty dialogues and funny one liners. There is not a single dull moment in the entire movie.



 funny movies 2017 Girls Trip


3. Girls Trip:


This is a movie about friendship and has plenty of funny moments and dialogues to tickle your funny bone. Regina Hall plays the role of Ryan, who is a successful author. In spite of having a very caring husband and a promising career, she realized that she was missing something and that was her group of friends. They call themselves ” Flossy Posse”. When Ryan got an opportunity to travel to New Orleans, she decided to call up her gang and have an all girls trip. Things get crazy up from here. They get caught up in several situations including a feisty dance battle with some of their old rivals. However, thanks to the strong bond between them, they manage to bypass all the troubles and the movie also ends on a very happy note. Because of the presence of a few sex and violent scenes, it can be considered as an adult movie.


 funny movies 2017 I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore


4. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore:


One day, Ruth played by Melanie Lynskey wakes up to find that she has been robbed. This was not the first time that she has been attacked. Fed up. she teams up with her neighbor Tony who is a martial art expert to take revenge. What follows is a comedy of errors which will keep you entertained throughout the movie.

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