The 5 best comedy movies of all time

Let’s face it; comedy is part of our lives. The movies
keep us glued to the screens. Most importantly, they help us relieve stress
from our day-to-day lives. Here is the rundown of the best comedy movies of all

The hangover

best comedy movies of all time The hangover

This movie features three buddies who wake up from a
bachelor party with no memory of what transpired the previous night. On top of
that, they discover the bachelor is missing. They start walking around the city
to find their missing friend. After retracing their steps, they go to a
hospital only to discover they were drugged. At the chapel, the trios learn
that Stu has married a tripper. Moments later, they are attacked by gangsters. Ideally,
Alan Garner and Stu Price have made the movie so funny. You’ll keep laughing no
matter how many times you’ve watched this movie.

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber

This is an American comedy road film starring Jeff
Daniels and Jim Carrey. It tells a story of Harry Dunne and Lord Christmas who
set out for a trip to Aspen, Colorado to return a briefcase to the rightful
owner. They discover they were being pursued by criminals since the briefcase
contained cash. This movie teaches people to always look at the bright side of
life. Other than that, there is something to laugh at in every scene. It’s
witty and brilliantly written.

The road trip

best comedy movies of all time The road trip

This groundbreaking film features four buddies who
trek across the United States with a goal of preventing a sex tape from falling
into the wrong hands. Tiffany and Josh were long time high school sweethearts. However,
they had a long distance relationship after enrolling in different
universities. Prior to joining their respective institutions, they made a promise
to be true to each other. However, Josh had a one-night stand with his friend Beth.
After a series of misunderstanding, Josh discovers that he had been taped. This
prompts a road trip to intercept the tape before it gets to Tiffany. Without a
doubt, this is one of the most hilarious movies of all time.


best comedy movies of all time Step brothers

This is an American comedy film. Dale Doback and Brennan
Huff are two friends who live with their parents despite their advanced age. Doback
lives with his widowed father while Huff lives with his divorced mother. The
two parents meet and get married. Huff and Doback start blaming each other for
their lifestyles. Their frequent fights show sibling rivalry. They must find
jobs within a week, or they will be forced out of the house. This is a retarded
comedy that everyone loves. Plus, the two protagonists are funny and hilarious.

Dirty grandpa 

best comedy movies of all time Dirty grandpa 

Jason Kelly is a lawyer. He drives his father to Florida
during spring break. On their way, they meet an old photography classmate,
Shadia along with her friends. Jason’s grandfather tells the girls he’s a
professor and one of the girls is instantly attracted to him. They eventually
meet the girls at the beach. Grandpa is looking to score again since the death
of his wife. At the same time, Jason is starting to question if he will get

Final thoughts

best comedy movies of all time Final thoughts

Comedy movies have remained evergreen, particularly
in Hollywood industry. If you are looking for an alternative to your regular TV
channels, you should try the above best comedy movies.

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