The 30 Best Funny Movies of the 21st Century, best movies Ranked

You must have heard the adage, “laughter is the best medicine”. The saying appears to be absolutely true for people belonging to the present generation. Tiring work schedule and deteriorating mental and physical health have left people in real misery and it seems only laughter can make life better for them. There cannot be an easier way of churning out laughter than watching funny movies. The list below would introduce you to the 30 best funny movies of the 21st century; watch these movies to increase the overall happiness quotient of your life.

funny movies The 40-Year-Old Virgin (released in 2005)

#30 The 40-Year-Old Virgin (released in 2005)

The movie is special particularly because in spite of being amazingly funny it has a heart. The film is hilarious, yet charming. The central character of the movie Andy is extremely sweet. You will see him do seemingly amusing things for making people understand how miserable the life of a 40-year-old virgin can be. Actor Steve Carell has delivered an extraordinary performance to make Andy’s character so lovable.

funny movies 29 School of Rock (released in 2003)

#29 School of Rock (released in 2003)

Watching School of Rock would allow you to witness American actor Jack Black at his best. The story of this musical comedy film revolves around Dewey Finn (Jack Black), a pretend teacher at a renowned prep school. The movie is not only consistently funny but is also pretty charming. Another highlight of the movie is surely its enchanting soundtrack. You will also love the way Dewey Finn interacts with fourth graders in the film. School of Rock is definitely one of the best works of director Richard Linklater.

funny movies Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (released in 2004)

#28 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle (released in 2004)

This stoner comedy movie is the first one of the famous Harold and Kumar series of movies (there are three movies in all, released between 2004 and 2011). The story of Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle revolves around Harold lee (played by John Cho) and Kumar Patel (played by Kal Penn). The duo decides to visit White Castle, their favorite fast food outlet, after smoking cannabis. The plot of the movie starts getting funnier the moment Harold and Kumar begin their journey for White Castle; the comical misadventures they become a part of will leave you in splits.

funny movies Easy A (released in 2010)

#27 Easy A (released in 2010)

People had little expectation from this film when it was released. However, the movie turned out to be Hollywood’s most significant teen movie of recent times.

Other than being genuinely funny, Easy A is also very smart. It will allow you to comprehend the kind of experiences a teen goes through in the high school. However, everything is shown in a very funny manner. You will find out what high school students can do for staying relevant in their school and would also get several opportunities to laugh out loud.

funny movies Juno (released in 2007)

#26 Juno (released in 2007)

Juno is a nontraditional family comedy respectively written and directed by Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. The edgy and contemporary dialogues written by Cody make the film absolutely hilarious. She even won the Oscar for best original screenplay for this movie.

Juno narrates the story of teenager Juno MacGuff (played by Ellen Page), who becomes pregnant, but decides not to undergo an abortion. Instead, she plans to give up her baby for adoption. Although the movie is filled with fun, it also has a surprising emotional turn.

funny movies Borat (released in 2007)

#25 Borat (released in 2007)

This is a film you will remember primarily for Sacha Baron Cohen, one of the finest comedians to have ever hit the silver screen. However, it’s true that Cohen hasn’t really managed to do justice to his talent. Borat sees him deliver his best performance to date.

Some might describe Borat as a movie featuring crude, dumb comedy. However, that’s not true. You will rarely find a movie as smartly written and directed as Borat. It compares the life in America to that of Kazakhstan in a hilarious manner, and along the way offers very pertinent social messages.

funny movies Shaun of the Dead (released in 2004)

#24 Shaun of the Dead (released in 2004)

It would not be wrong if we refer to this movie as a cinematic comedy genius. Shaun of the Dead features a perfect fusion of zombie horror and romantic comedy. Other than being a wonderful film by itself, it also marked the beginning of a new era of parody films; you can call this film a trendsetter. The movie is about a deadbeat called Shaun. In the movie, Shaun tries to prove his worth to his friends and girlfriend during zombie apocalypse. The turns of events are pretty funny; however, what makes the movie even more special is the smart and intelligent comedy it features.

funny movies Zombieland (2009)

#23 Zombieland (2009)

As mentioned above, the time after Shaun of the Dead was only about zombies. Zombieland happens to be the best zombie movie released during this phase. It’s a film starring Abigail Breslin, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone. These stars constitute a clan that’s trying to endure zombie apocalypse. Overall, the movie is hilarious, sweet, and short.

funny movies Trainwreck (released in 2015)

#22 Trainwreck (released in 2015)

Trainwreck, a movie directed by Judd Apatow, narrates the story of Amy (played by Amy Schumer, who is also the writer of the film), a young, nasty, and hard-drinking magazine writer who falls in love with Aaron (played by Bill Hader). Her relationship with Aaron, a sports doctor by profession, happens to be the first serious relationship the writer has ever had. The film is filled with funny anecdotes and will constantly make you laugh.

funny movies Old School (released in 2003)

#21 Old School (released in 2003)

Old School is a comedy movie directed and written by Todd Phillips (he had Scot Armstrong as his co-writer). The movie stars Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, and Luke Wilson, who play three depressed individuals in their thirties. They look to relive their younger days and encounter a series of funny events while doing so. The movie is special because no other movie of this kind has turned out to be as timeless as this one.

funny movies Bridesmaids (released in 2011)

#20 Bridesmaids (released in 2011)

Many refer to this movie as the best comedy movie featuring women in lead roles. The movie is smart, witty and presents hilarious comedy. Every woman acting in this film has delivered brilliant performance; some of the names that must be mentioned include Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper, Rose Byrne, and Kristen Wiig.

funny movies The Hangover (released in 2009)

#19 The Hangover (released in 2009)

We are talking about the first one of the Hangover series; the remaining two movies were not half as good as the one released in 2009. The Hangover’s plot revolves around a frequently used subject as far as Hollywood movies are concerned. It shows what can happen if a bachelor party goes wrong. It became more successful than any other movie of this genre as it managed to come up with a number of fresh twists.

funny movies The Heat (released in 2013)

#18 The Heat (released in 2013)

This action comedy film has been directed and written respectively by Paul Feig and Katie Dippold. The central character of the movie is Sarah Ashburn (played by Sandra Bullock), a Special Agent from FBI. Another major character is that of Shannon Mullins (played by Melissa McCarthy), a Boston detective. In the movie, Mullins and Ashburn are trying to catch a mobster. During the mission, they get involved in a number of funny incidents.

funny movies Obvious Child (released in 2014)

#17 Obvious Child (released in 2014)

This film witnessed the launch of standup comedian Jenny Slate. This is also the debut project of director Gillian Robespierre. When making Obvious Child, the primary aim of Robespierre was removing the stigma around abortion. She also tried to correct the way an unplanned pregnancy is misrepresented in the society. The good news is that she has managed to do all that in a comical way.

funny movies Neighbors (released in 2014)

#16 Neighbors (released in 2014)

As the title suggests, the movie is about neighbors and their hilarious conflicts. The movie narrates the story of a couple who gets involved in a clash with a group that has just moved into their neighborhood. “Neighbors” has been directed by Nicholas Stoller and features actors like Dave Franco and Seth Rogen.

funny movies Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (released in 2010)

#15 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (released in 2010)

If you check the box office report of this movie, you’ll be disappointed. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World didn’t manage to find the viewers it deserved. In fact, it incurred a loss during its initial release. However, still the amazing comic elements of the movie have eventually allowed it to become a cult classic.

funny movies Mistress America (released in 2015)

#14 Mistress America (released in 2015)

Noah Baumbach, the director of Mistress America, was praised more for Frances Ha. However, still, we will have to call Mistress America is the funniest movie the filmmaker has made since The Squid & The Whale. The film showcases highs and lows of college life and is filled with sidesplitting comical moments.

funny movies 13 Superbad (released in 2007)

#13 Superbad (released in 2007)

This movie by Greg Mottola tells the story of a couple of teenagers, Evan (played by Michael Cera) and Seth (played by Jonah Hill). The two are all set to become graduates. However, before that they plan to attend a party for losing their virginity. Their wicked plan goes haywire and they end up becoming a part of numerous funny events.

funny movies Four Lions (released in 2010)

#12 Four Lions (released in 2010)

The movie marks the directorial debut of Chris Morris. If you want to know what black comedy is all about, you must watch this movie right away. In spite of being a story about suicide bombers planning an attack, Four Lions would make you laugh almost constantly.

funny movies In Bruges (released in 2008)

#11 In Bruges (released in 2008)

In Bruges is also a black comedy movie and is directed and written by Irish and British filmmaker Martin McDonagh. The film has Colin Farrell playing the central character Ray, a hitman. Ray and his mentor Ken (played by Brendan Gleeson) are forced to hide after mistakenly killing a wrong person. In spite of having a number of serious moments, the movie is exceptionally funny.

funny movies Enough Said (released in 2013)

#10 Enough Said (released in 2013)

Enough Said is the fifth romantic comedy movie directed by Nicole Holofcener. According to both experts and fans, this one is the best and most intelligent one among them. Enough said narrates the story of a divorced masseuse Eva (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus). She tries to start dating again and meets another divorcee Albert (played by James Gandolfini). Eva starts sleeping with Albert. This leads to a series of tangling and hilarious events.

funny movies Burn after Reading (released in 2008)

#9 Burn after Reading (released in 2008)

This movie would show how funny two of the most handsome men of Hollywood George Clooney and Brad Pitt can be. The movie is about a chain of outrageously unexpected and shocking events that will leave you in splits. You will also see people misreading each other making the film even more hilarious.

funny movies Hot Fuzz (released in 2007)

#8 Hot Fuzz (released in 2007)

This is the second movie of the “cornetto trilogy” by director Edgar Wright and writer Simon Pegg. You will find new reasons to laugh and love the movie every time you will watch it. It’s believed that the movie is a parody of some action movies of Michael Bay; you will even see Wright imitate some camera works of Bay.

funny movies The Grand Budapest Hotel (released in 2014)

#7 The Grand Budapest Hotel (released in 2014)

This is a directorial work of Wes Anderson. The story of the movie is written by Hugo Guinness and Anderson himself. Influences of Stefan Zweig’s writing are pretty clear on this creation of Guinness and Anderson. The movie is serious at times, but has innumerable hilarious moments.

funny movies Sideways (released in 2004)

#6 Sideways (released in 2004)

This is a black comedy movie directed and written respectively by Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor. The main characters of the movie are two men in their mid-forties. You will love watching them do hilarious things. It must be noted that the story of the movie is pretty interesting.

funny movies Kick Ass (released in 2010)

#5 Kick Ass (released in 2010)

This is the first superhero comedy film on this list. It’s the first movie of the celebrated Kick-Ass movie series, and many believe that it’s the most fascinating and funny of the lot.

funny movies The Nice Guys (released in 2016)

#4 The Nice Guys (released in 2016)

This movie by Shane Black is an action comedy film you must watch. The movie shows how disappearance of a missing teenage girl is investigated. Obviously, there are some serious turns of events, but that doesn’t make the movie less funny.

funny movies Cashback (released in 2006)

#3 Cashback (released in 2006)

It was first released as a short film in the year 2004. Seeing the popularity of that short, producer Lene Bausager decided to make a movie out of the story. The movie stars actors like Emilia Fox and Sean Biggerstaff.


funny movies Deadpool (released in 2016)

#2 Deadpool (released in 2016)

This is another superhero comedy film. The central character of the movie is Deadpool, a Marvel Comics character.

funny movies Horrible Bosses (released in 2011)

#1 Horrible Bosses (released in 2011)

It’s the story of three friends who just hate their respective bosses. You will love watching the movie more if you also have similar feelings for your boss. The movie is filled with hilarious moments.

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